Community Access

Gate Opener

The front entrance gate is controlled via a remote control transmitter which is a key chain style mini transmitter.


Transmitter Operation

  • A – Firmly depress the button until the small red LED illuminates.
  • B – After the LED has illuminated, release the button.

If the gate does not open, repeat steps A and B or consult the Troubleshooting section.


The transmitter uses two ‘CR2016’ coin cell lithium batteries and will have a battery life of approximately 18 – 24 months.  The model number is clearly visible on each battery for easy identification.  A 2-pack typically retails for approximately $6.00 and can be found in home improvement stores such as Home Depot.


Changing the Battery

To access the battery open the case with a screwdriver acting on the slot between the cover and the bottom and remove the bottom, as shown in fig. 3a and 3b. Slide out the old batteries and replace them with the new ones [CR2016] respecting the polarity, with the positive (+) side upward. Test proper battery installation by verifying that the red LED illuminates when the button is pushed.



  • Problem: The gate does not open. Solution: Replace the transmitter batteries.
  • Problem: The transmitter LED will not light. Solution: Replace the transmitter batteries.
  • Problem: The operating range is reduced. Solution: Replace the transmitter batteries.
  • Problem: The transmitter LED lights, but the gate does not open. Solution: Contact the Covington Estates HOA President.

If your transmitter does not work, use your assigned gate code to operate the entrance gate while a replacement transmitter is ordered.

Purchasing Additional Transmitters

paymentTransmitters are available for purchase by check for $30. Make check payable to: Covington HOA. Please be sure your property address appears on your check. Please contact the Covington Estates HOA President for pickup/drop off.