Your mailbox takes a serious beating from the weather.  We suggest a routine mailbox check-up every spring.

You might just need to…

  • Wipe mold away
  • Replace missing or faded house numbers, with only HOA approved numbers (see below)
  • Repaint rusty or peeling parts
  • Remount the post, if it’s loose or tilted

Be sure to keep obstructions away from your mailbox. Your mail carrier may not deliver your mail if there’s a car or shrubs blocking the mailbox.

For mailbox replacement or replacement parts, please contact Creative Mailbox & Sign Designs. When contacting Creative Mailbox & Sign Designs be sure to specify ‘Covington Estates at Cross Creek’.

The mailbox structure is built from multiple parts. Homeowners have the option of complete replacement or just replacing certain parts of the mailbox structure.  See information below for mailbox parts, descriptions, and approximate prices. Contact Creative Mailbox & Sign Designs for exact pricing.


Classic Collection


Complete single 3½” PVC replacement installed $425.  The installer will also verify that the installation will ensure maximum product durability and compliance with all postal specifications.


Shipping: $30 (Address Number: $5) or you can pick up. ‘Post’ not available for shipping.

PostWhite, Single, 3½”, PVC$200 - Includes Finial/End Caps
BoxT1 - White$50
FlagStamped - Red$20
Address NumberGold, Font: CG California Bold$20 - Set of 2
FinialNew England$20
End CapPyramid$20

Allow 24 hours for any pickup or order.  Credit card, cash, and checks accepted.

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